May 7, 2009

Reissue of Borderland

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Borderland has been reissued by OUP with a new jacket.

If you missed it the first time around, now’s your chance. Two of the sequels, Shadowland and Outland will also be reissued later in the year.

Making friends doesn’t come easily to newcomer Zoë. She’s always been the outsider, watching the ‘in’ crowd from afar and longing to be part of it. So when beautiful, popular Laura Harrell notices her, Zoë is desperate to impress. Soon Laura lets Zoë into a secret. In the woods behind her house there is a hidden doorway to another world; a world Laura and her brother Alex treat as their playground. But Zoë quickly realizes that what’s going on in the city of Shattershard is no game. War is about to break out-and it appears that Alex is supplying weaponry from their own world. After a chilling warning to away from Laura, Zoë is forced to question Laura’s true reasons for bringing her to Shattershard. Caught between the opposing sides, Zoë no longer knows where her loyalties lie or who to trust. As her old life slips further away, she is starting to see that getting into Shattershard was easy . . . but getting out may not be possible.

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