November 14, 2012

New shop page and special offer

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2 for 1 offer

I’ve launched a new website shop. It has links to eBooks, audio books and special offers. The current offer is to buy signed copies of the first three Rights of Passage books. Great as a Christmas gift for a friend, relative – or just for yourself.

It can’t just be me who goes looking for gifts for friends and finds lots of thing she would like herself, right? And companies keep sending me enticing catalogues. So now I’m doing the same to entice you with all the lovely Rhiannon Lassiter books you could buy. And if you find yourself drooling over them. how about two sets? One for you and one for a friend? Cunning sales plan? What do you mean? I’m just thinking of you here. ;) I want you to have all the books you crave.

Look out for more goodies from the shop next year!

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