August 29, 2014

Discounted eBook of Roundabout

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Starting today the eBook of Roundabout has been discounted to just £2.99 That’s 41% off!

Buy it here from Amazon.

When a secret deal is made to turn Traveller land into a roundabout, tensions run high. Gwen, Carly, Magda, Tess and Jo each have a piece of the puzzle and as their stories intertwine they learn more than they expect about themselves and their community.

What secret is Magda’s boyfriend hiding? Why does Tess keep getting into fights? Is Gwen’s boss really flirting with her? How can Carly get the others to listen? Where does Jo go when she can’t be found?

As the plot thickens and tempers fray, the girls are swayed by bonds of love and hate; ties of envy and admiration; and divided loyalties between where they come from and where they wish to go.

“This is a beautiful book that you’ll remember forever”
– Mizz magazine 2006

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