January 22, 2014

A ripping yarn

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Work in progress

I have been writing but right now I really want some good voice recognition software so I can use my hands to knit.

Yes, I drank the kool-aid and now I am gradually transforming into a knitter. I was seduced by the awesomeness of hand knitted socks gifted to me by friends Becky, Liz and Jo – all of whom knit. And then by the idea of creating my own head circles (like a hat without being joined up). So now in the evenings I knit while watching TV. PS: I also need more recommendations for good TV shows – although you should be warned that everything I like gets cancelled.

The funny thing is that my friends have been knitting for several years now and for ages they would ask if I wanted to learn and I’d say “You know, I just can’t find in me any desire to knit”. Then all of a sudden the desire was there and now I am gradually learning how to knit things.

Head circle

So far I have made two head circles (one red, one purplish) and one pair of socks. Already I have grand plans for *different* kinds of socks and knitting with *beads* – and crocheting a peacock feather.

I have even spent time photographing my own yarn and logging it on Ravelry (a website for knitters). Liz says I can’t really be a knitter if I only knit two kinds of things so I have plans to branch out into leg warmers (a cross between a sock and a head circle) and my friend Sara-without-an-h has knit some beautiful gloves which she says are easy to make.

So my transformation is probably already beyond the point of no return. Eventually I will be entirely made of wool.

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