July 18, 2018

Sabbatical goals 6 to 10

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Continued musing on my sabbatical goals, today numbers 6-10.

steps6. Walk 10,000 steps a day
The sabbatical started in May 2017. I managed an average of 10,000 steps or more in 12/15 months. I missed May, June and December. This is pretty good really. And I made up for the missed months in later ones. Those steps included some lovely walks along the river with my partner and my friends Kathy and Sara.



7. Bake cookies
I did bake cookies and they went a bit wrong. I made rather more scones and cakes. The best were chocolate chip and raspberry scones, now a staple.

8. Keep informed about issues
I think I’ve done fairly well. I read the news every day and I also branches out into other sources of information to avoid being in a complete echo chamber. I’ve decided I like my personal social media feed to be a reasonable safe space and will challenge people sometimes in that space. But I also read and don’t comment on material found outside my bubble. I think I understand some things better now although I boggle at the world I find myself living in. When I said I wanted to live in the future I didn’t mean a dystopian one.

9. Make music
I was doing this before the sabbatical but I’ve done nothing on it at all recently. I don’t know why. I’m not going to feel guilty about that. My mashups are still there for when I return to this.

10. Use nail brushes artistically.
Yeah, I tried. It turns out I don’t have very steady hands. The brushes are not the silver bullet for nail art I was hoping for. I do have photos of my attempts but they are so terrible I can’t bring myself to post them.

Next post, making clothes, seeing friends and visiting new places!

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