January 14, 2019

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

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I thought I’d like this. I didn’t.

The folding was fine. I do fold some of my items like this already. (Not T shirts because I fold them so you can see the logo).

But why is the first approach to make a huge pile in the middle of the room? Is it to fill you with horror at how much you own? That one woman was chuckling with glee at throwing things out, in a kind of mania. But will she regret it?

It doesn’t work for books, those people with “lots of books” had about 23 books. That’s… not a lot of books.

The keep or chuck philosophy doesn’t have room for maybe. So some people sit paralysed by indecision. Make a maybe pile and you can move on, and come back to that question later. Eg old print outs with comments long since incorporated into novels – chuck, old contracts – keep, old training manuals – maybe.

What about items that don’t spark joy but you need them anyway? My partner said his work trousers are like that. I think I might naturally be inclined to find the joy in any item which is the opposite problem.

Cables… I stuck with the show for the answer to this problem. Folding them up small in a drawer is not an answer. I already do that – and she’s missed the tiny ziploc bag trick too. What about cables in USE?! How to keep them tidy and accessible?

But I am on a drive to decrease my stuff anyway so perhaps I’m not the intended audience. A lot of those people seemed to struggle to take the first step.

Oh and it would have been nice for the show to explain she’s religiously a Shinto animist, instead of portraying her as a kind of magic tidying pixie.

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