March 31, 2020

My First Class

Filed under: Zumba — Rhiannon Lassiter @ 10:22 am

I got my Zumba qualification at the end of February and I was feeling a bit anxious about trying to teach my first class. There’s lots of instructors in the area and I was still researching venues when Corona arrived and now we’re in lockdown.

But I’m in lots of online fitness groups and people are putting their classes on Facebook (yeah I know that’s not allowed) and Zoom and Skype. People are dancing in their kitchens and living rooms. People have sound problems and camera problems and they’re teaching anyway.

Now I don’t feel so anxious about it. There are much bigger problems than my inexperience. And inexperience is a problem that time and work solves. I’ve got my playlist almost ready, I have one song left to learn.

I teach my first class online this Saturday. Wish me luck!

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